Even the best fall down sometimes..

I'm Emerald.
or Sunshine.
I get very personal with my Tumblr, Just so you know ahead of time.

"Im not much into health food, I am into Champagne."
" ..Be strong for me, I'll be strong for you.

You are the earth beneath my feet,
You are my gravity.
Cause lately I've been tired and uninspired..."


Messages me.

I will not respond to anons…

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So encsunshine is done blogging forever.

Peace out.

I Kinda Know How You Feel.
People Are People, They Will Always Feel Obligated To Judge You, And Put In Their Two Cents On Your Situation When It Isn't Thier Own.

People Constantly Attack Me On Tumblr Saying Whatever They Feel About My Own Relationship.

Stay Positive. Stay Happy. You Deserve That.

At The End Of The Day, People Can Only Get You Down If You Let Them.

-Jessica :}
encsunshine encsunshine Said:

Thanks a lot.
I admit this last time was my own fault.
But the immensity of the fucks everyone else is giving is ridiculous. Ya know?

You’re an encouragement to everyone. I’ve seen the crap you deal with…
Thanks Jess. (:

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you believe that love is ever lost?

Because I've been in love with this girl for a while now, and she obviously doesn't feel the same. And I just feel like I should just give up, but it's kinda hard. Maybe I have a little hope left, you know? Or maybe I just can't move on...
encsunshine encsunshine Said:

Love is never lost. It just goes in hiding for a little while.
If you love something/someone, you always will. But only if you truly loved it.

The heart wants what the heart wants. If its not meant to be. You’ll move on when the time is right. That’s not Something you can rush…

I wish you luck though.

i miss holding hands.

i love you.

thats all.
encsunshine encsunshine Said:

I miss that too.
I miss everything about 2010.
I love you most..
The end.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Omg!!!! What's wrong ? Are u ok ???
encsunshine encsunshine Said:

What’s wrong? a lot.
Am I OK? Nope, I’m Emerald and currently Stupid.

Thanks for the concern anon.

Dear Emerald Nicole,

I'm so sorry that Tumblr has made you feel the way you do. No one should be judging you or your ex on what you post. That's between you and her. A blog is about how you feel and the experiences you go through. Your relationship is just one of those experiences. Yes, you're putting it on for others to see but it's not their place to "fix" anything in your life. Your ex knows how you feel and that's YOUR relationship, not ours. If you really are DONE with Tumblr, then I'm glad I got to meet you. I'm glad I had the opportunity to read your mind for while. It's been an encouragement like no other. I've had horrible days brightened because your face was on my dash. I've had lonely nights turned around because of a post of yours. I'm not alone after all :) I hope you can find a new place to vent where you feel more safe. I hope you grow and succeed in everything you plan to do in your life. And if you're not really done, and are just angry for the moment then I hope you enjoyed my long unnecessary ask submission. Again, I'm always here either way. You've helped me so much without knowing, I'd love to return the favor anytime you need it.

Love you big sis,
Emerald Alexandria
encsunshine encsunshine Said:

(: I love you.

Ill probably make a new one, and only follow people I care about. So ill send You the link. I appreciate this more then any thing else I’ve ever received On here. Thank you so much

Asker Anonymous Asks:
then maybe you should think about things before you post them and think how it will effect other people besides yourself.
encsunshine encsunshine Said:

And maybe people shouldn’t creep on my page and give a shit.
Yeah, I was Stupid last night. But the assholes on here make it worse Then it should be…

And I hate tumblr.

In advance, I’m most likely deactivating my account.

I’m done with tumblr.

I had some.hope that in the future my ex and I could be friends, acquaintances, whatever.

And if a stupid website is going to mess that up? Its so not worth it.

I’m sticking to sea world, and people who don’t just follow me but make an effort to be in my life…


And giving my ex a hard time about it.

Seriously? Does mine or her life really concern you?

I’m speechless right now.

Tumblr is turning into a new Facebook. And I’m tired of this. -__-

You realize you open tomorrow. -__- so that means your going to get four hours of sleep.

AND a restricted number keeps calling but when you decide to answer they hang up before you can say anythingggg. -.-

No me gusta.

Goodnight !

story of my life, bro.

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